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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  April 6, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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let's start with a check of your forecast. justin berk is in the house. a lot of people want to know what things may be like around 7:00 tonight first pitch at camden yards. >> reporter: there may be some showers out there. but nothing like what we have had over the last couple days with that rough weather that pushed through and out of here. look at that. 73 degrees. that was yesterday's high temperature at midnight. it fell all day long afterwards. and right now we have settled back to 34 owings mills and we will take you across from glen burnie through edgewater and arnold in the upper 30s. light wind compared to yesterday morning. good morning to cape st. clair. i will be at the elementary school tomorrow. a few clouds here. maryland's most powerful doppler radar and quiet this morning. we will talk about the chance of showers returning in the forecast in a moment. right now, it's all about the traffic. here's kim brown. >> reporter: justin, not a lot of traffic so far. we are starting to see volume build around the outer loof especially on the west side at
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liberty road. but it's-- outer loop especially on the west side at liberty road. 95 southbound also looking pretty good from white marsh towards the split. as we look at the maps, we have reports of the first crash of the morning. this is in downtown baltimore at franklin and howard streets. this is reported to involve a fuel leak. so expect to see police on the scene trying to clean it up. now back to you. >> thanks. this morning, advocates for cyclists are working to strengthen state laws against drivers who put them in danger. right now, a driver in the state of maryland who neglectly causes a crash that kills a cyclist can't face criminal charges. they go to traffic court and pay a fine and that's it. linda so is live to tell us about a plan that could change all that today. linda. >> reporter: well, megan, this bill looks to give moreprotection to cyclists on the road. back in february a. student on his bike right there at the corner of 39th street and university parkway, was hit by
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a car and critically injured. that student still remains in the hospital. here in the city, we have the designated bike lanes like the one you see right here. but advocates say that is not enough. they actually want to up the penalty for drivers involved in crash that kale cyclist. they want those drivers to go to jail and pay a bigger fine. you know, every day, people in this area people bike to work and school. and it didn't take long for to us catch a cyclists in danger near the hopkins came putt pus. it happened -- campus. it happened where the student was hit by a car. police say in february, an 83- year-old woman cut him off, his his bike and pin -- hit his bike and pinned him under the car. he suffered permanent brain damage. cyclists wants to strengthen the law against drivers who put them in danger. >> it's terrible for everyone of the families who lose a
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child or husband. >> reporter: killed by a car child riding his bike. the driver was only given a $500 fine and 3 points on her license. cyclists will bike from baltimore to and a his -- annapolis to urge lawmakers to strengthen the laws. they say drivers who hit cyclists should face criminal charges. that bill is up for a hearing in the senate committee at one this afternoon. live in north baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >> three minutes after six. family and friends are remembering a teenage from lutherville killed while stud craig abroad. cameron o'neill-mullin was a sophomore at the st. paul school for girlsp she died in a boating accident. she and her host family two doters were riding in -- daughters were right riding in an inflate -- riding in a and i
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flattable boat. o'neill-mullin and one of the other girls was killed. the third is in critical condition. the head of st. paul school for girls says she was an outstanding student a. leader and an athlete and a friend to so many students there. police say the person who shot and killed a burger king manager last month could be kecked to two other fast-food crimes. authorities in frederick are working with law enforcement to compare notes on armed robberiesat other burger kings. someone killed a manager in frederick near i-70. so far, no arrests have been made. four minutes after six. a jewelry store robbery at a mall in columbia could be linked to others in baltimore and annapolis and possibly a deadly shooting, too. police arrested these three men over the weekend in connection with an armed robbery. police say the day after the robbery a man was shot and killed after his car was identified as the get away vehicle. police say this happened just hours after he was questioned by police. at this point, police are not
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saying how they are commenting on how the robbery and murder are connected. former governor william donald schaefer is resting in his re250eur789 community after spending -- retirement community after spending a few days in the hospital for pneumonia. his aide says he was looking much better and he was released from the hospital yesterday. still no word on what caused a huge fire at a chicken farm in cecil county. it broke out at the ise america building in cecilton area and about 300,000 chickens were killed in the fire. fire officials say this broke out shortly before 7:30 monday night. three barns and buildings were destroyed in the fire. a fourth was damaged as high winds quickly spread to flames. more than 150 firefighters joined in the fight to get those flames under control. time is 6:05. we now know the names of the people who were injured in the plane crash in caroline county. the faa says the plane flipped while trying to land at the
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regional airport on racetrack road in ridgely. witnesses say the wings snapped off before flipping upside down. all three men on board were taken to a nearby hospital. they were 24-year-old austin ely and shawn also 24 and 23- year-old kevin and they were all listed in serious condition at last check. southwest airlines says they finished inspected the ground older planes and five have cracks in the aluminium skin. the planes will stay grounded but southwest says the operations will be normal today. now boeing the maker of the aircraft says its rethinking recommendations on when to begin inspecting area of the plane where the aircraft in question had undergone just 39,000 take offs and landings when the fuselage tore away. now it's a rare event for a plane with an excellent safety record. the faa ordered older 737s to be inspected. those with more than 35,000 flights cycles must be inspected within the next five
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days. police near harrisburg say man is accused of posing as an officer to get a massage. james weaver got in touch with a maryland massage therapist show. was taken to a bedroom where they discussed the massage. weaver showed the badge and gun telling her he he was a york police officer. police say he told her you do me a favor and i will do you a favor. she ran out of the house when he turned his back. and according to court documents, weaver did confess and led police to a garbage can with a plastic toy badge, handcuffs and pellet gun he used. seven minutes after six. if you have given out your e- mal address tower favorite clothing store, hotel or bank, it's possible it ended up in the hands of a scammer. epsilon announced a security breach based in dallas. they send out 40 billion e-
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mails annually. angie barnett with the local bbb says it's likely information obtained during the breach could be used in firing a-- phishing attacks. don't open e-mails from someone you don't know. if you want more information, head to 8 minutes after six. it might not seem that serious to a young teen with a cell phone. however, parents, police officers, and educators say it's a real problem. they say sexting is a serious issue and they want to do something about it and plan to today. sherrie johnson joins to us explain what's happening today in hopes of putting sexting to a stop. >> reporter: well, it's no secret teens use the cell phones to communicate. today authorities are hosting a seminar that is aimed at teaching young people and their parents on the dangers of sexting and sexual predators. school administrators and community police officers from across the state will attend this seminar to learn how to
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tackle sexting and electronic dating violence. the goal is to have them talk to people and their young peopleabout the issues. the maryland community crime prevention institute is hosting the event. organizers say young people must learn that sending sexually explicit photographs of people under 18 can lead to federal child pornography charges and say using a cell phone to intimidate a boyfriend or girlfriend may violate state laws against telephone misuse and harassment. the seminar includes a discussion on sexual predators on the internet. the seminar runs from 10 a.m. to noon and will be held at maryland public safety education and training center in sykesville on 4th street on the grounds of springfield hospital center. for more information on today's seminar, call 410-875-3425 or 1- 800-303-8802. a new survey shows that one in five teens admitted sending or posting suggestive image of
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themselves on the cell phones. nearly 4 in 10 teens admitted to sending sexually suggestive messages. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. money issues is forcing officials to once again cancel the chesapeake bay bridge walk. this is the 5th year in a row that walk has been canceled. maryland transportation authority says the event is more expensive since september 11th due to increases in security. the event normally has been held in may and has been canceled due to bad weather, renovations and poor economic conditions. it was held first in 1975. one of the largest outbreaks of tornadoes wan decade. >> coming up, kansas seeing i am anxious like this one, they are saying it's routine but nothing could have prepared families for the hours to come. image is everything. especially for college age women. the amount of fat talk that's going and the reason researchers say it's continuing. also ahead, teen pregnancy is a worry for many parents out
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there. the education and prevention that put teen pregnancy at an all time low. before we tell you about that, before we head to break, we will get a lunge at -- look at your latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with inflation fears at the federal reserve. minutes from the feds' meeting reveals several are worried a jump in energy price cos unleash inflation. the feds gave the most optimistic assessment since therecession. u.s. and columbia are expected to announce a free trade deal which could increase exports to columbia by one billion dollars per year. creating more jobs in the u.s. and millions of baby boomers say they are not ready for retirement. in a new poll, 44% don't think they will have enough money when their careers en. only 11% are strongly convinced they will live in comfort. and new york may become the next big city to ban toys in happy meals. a local politician inis introducing a bil to ban give away toys in any meals
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unhealthy for kids. san francisco enacted a similar law last year. that's your money scope, i am peggy bunker.
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now "good morning maryland." 15 after 6 this morning. wild weather across the u.s. yesterday with at least 8 tornadoes confirmed in the southern u.s. that is funnel cloud that was spotted in kansas. the storms are blade for at -- blamed for at least nine deaths right now. it's called the sunshine state but florida was not leaving that to its name. heavy rain and strong winds caused huge problems in fort lauderdale. the wind was so powerful it knocked down a 20-foot tree like it weighed like nothing.
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storm knocked out power to thousands of customers. luckily, though, no one was injured. and was it the rain causing problems in wisconsin? huge balls of hail. these are pictures of it. take a look. some of it as big as baseballs and it's appropriate. it's baseball season. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 6:15. what different story from yesterday. let's start off with the most powerful doppler radar. we are loaded in around the mid portion of the chesapeake bay. annapolis, good morning, cape st. clair we will be there tomorrow to talk to the first graders. we are exciteed about that. we will talk about weather at st. mary's elementary in annapolis, 34. a chilly start to the day but the winds are calm. nothing like yesterday. so we are in fine shape. checking out the official numbers, easton 39, 37 in baltimore. and temperatures in the 30s widespread across the state a chilly morning it will turn out
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to be a mild day but we have to watch across the great lakes. you watched rain breaking out and it's from extreme southern sections of wisconsin and on into michigan, ojai -- oh myo and that will race -- ohio, andthat's going to race in our direction. we will change our fortune by the latter part of the day. future highlighting the fact it will stay to the north. but we will be on the southern edge of the system. and there will be the threat of getting showers in here. we will have to keep that threat of showers pretty much for the rest of the week. looks like the next system comes in and that may take our temperatures backwards like we did yesterday during the day on friday. high temperatures in the morning and falling with chilly rain. 64. that's today's two degree guarantee with a chance of showers late in the afternoon and evening. which means if you are going to the yard, camden yards, the first pitch at 7:05 and there could be scattered showers. and temperatures in the 50s. we will slide back to about 43 overnight. and as we diminish the showers
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and bring the threat back in tomorrow. a high temperature of 69. then we actually bring in a chance of some steadier rain and cooler temperatures. after 69, thursday afternoon sliding to the 50s. that will be the high temperature early in the day on friday. and then falling with that rain into the afternoon. over the weekend, recovering to 60s saturday, 70s sunday. we bring in the scattered showers. kim. >> reporter: justin, no delays on the beltway especially traveling the inner loop from the 83s to about providence road and further on toward 95. as we look live here at the cameras, 695 actually to have a pretty good start. outer loop lanes traffic is building a little bit from bel air coming up towards charles street. but no major delays to report right now. as we look at our drive times, you see what i am talking about. 7 minutes on 95 southbound from white marsh down towards 695. traveling on the west side of the beltway, an 8-minute ride from 795 down towards i-70 on the outer loop. looking at the maps, we are work one accident. this is going to be downtown
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the north howard street at franklin. a crash with a reported fuelleak there. could be police on the scene directing traffic and some lanes will be blocked. expect delays. now back to you. 6:18. teen pregnancies in the united states are at a record low. that's according to new statistics from the cdc. now, in 20 a 09 around -- 2009, around 410,000 girls ages 15 to 19 gave birth. that's a decrease from the rate earlier. rate of preg manse in the united states is nearly 9 times higher than the majority of other developed nations. all right. when you -- whether you are going dancing or heading out to lunch with your girlfriend, college age women seem to be talking more about their weight. a study confirms the overwhelming majority of 93% of college age women engage in what they refer to as fat talk.
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now sometimes it may seem better than their bodies, the discussion about weight is more likely to make them feel unhappy. and the research suggest the fat talk is a form of seeking reassurance about their appearance. all right. time to say happy birthday to you celebrating a birthday today. like geno who turns 42 today. he recently won the 2010 thund car championship at lingon speedway. and celebrating a birthday also is april brown. happy birthday to both of you. hope aid great day. >> our pick -- it's a great day. >> our picture of the day the thayer monday runner ran a treadmill on -- ran a thayer monday on a treadmill. the event which -- ran a marathon on a treadmill. the event raises money for charity. if you have an interesting photo and you want to share it,
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it can be pets, anniversaries, birthdays you name it, it will be the picture of the day. send it to morning show at all you have to do is send the picture with a few facts and we will share it and pass it along. >> time is 6:20. one of the faces of network morning news could be about to change. >> meredith fiev -- viera leaving the morning show. a dancer is heading home from "dancing with the stars" and she is going back to the daytime job and the dancer who that you had he was -- thought he was head being back -- heading back.
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6:23. on april 6th, thanks for joining. entertainment news right now first katie cure i go and now possibly meredith viera. tv guide is report seeing might be leaving this year. she is leaving -- reporting she might be leaving this year. she is leaving because the she is tired of the early hours and she wants to take care of her
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husband and spend more time with him. she took the job with the today show when katie couric became the anchor for cbs evening news. all right. as we head into week four of dancing with the stars we say bye to the second celebrity, who had the lowest score. she was sent packing. >> absolutely. >> wendy and tony. >> jeep. talk show host wendy william is heading back to her talk show. now chris jericho was in jeopardy last night. but he survived to dance yet another week. no drama like the fall kirstie and max fell. they got kudos for getting up and finishing in style. >> you can see 9 remaining couples dance on monday right here on abc2. the contractors that owned the oil rig that caused the oil spill got bonuses this year.
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>> that sparked quite a bit of controversy. what they plan to do now they are under fire for accepting the bonuses even in the first place. the fashion trend that may be legal and makes you want to pull their pants up. a pants on the ground people. a mom is saying she is so happy her son wears the pants low she is saying it saved the young man's life. and the budget -- it's budget crunch time. a budget council. [audio not understandable]
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from now "good morning maryland." democrats and republicans battle over the budge. -- budget. we have details. called in the nfl lockout. what players will ask a federal judge to consider on this wednesday april 6th. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. if you are just waking up and haven't looked out, it will be a different day. so let's send it over to justin berk. >> and we can breath a sigh of relief about that. good morning to you. yes, yesterday, we had a high temperature of 73 admit night. we had the severe weather we
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were talking about just this time yesterday. and nothing on maryland's most powerful doppler radar right now. that's a good thing. 37 at bwi marshal. 39 in easton. it's 35 in york pa. we have a nothing on radar. clouds are getting out of here. the wide view radar shows up showers in ohio sneaking in this afternoon. a hive 64 degrees. and on and off showers for the rest of the week. we will talk about that come up -- coming up. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: a much kwaiel ther morning -- quieter morning than yesterday. the road are dry which makes for a fairly easy commute. looking live at 895 south of the o'donnell street exit, traffic is picking up a little bit heading in towards the tunnel. northbound lanes are clear making your way up towards the split and white marsh. looking at the maps, we have a disabled vehicle on the outer loop. this reported at the baltimore national pike. no lanes reported mocked right now. and police are -- reported blocked right now. and police are cleaning


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